Intubation Hood

deciphering user experience

During a pandemic it falls on human instinct to ask yourself 'what can I do'? Hospitals are operating under significant personal protective equipment (PPE) deficits while the aerosolized coronavirus remains the primary means of transfer. As a result, there has been a surge in DIY and low budget production of protective equipment.


For one such piece of equipment, an intubation hood, I wrote and illustrated the assembly and user instructions.

Case summary

Product vision

Create an intubation hood that protects healthcare professionals from dangerous aerosols. The hood should be easy to manufacture, assemble, and use.

Understand the stakeholders

Gain a clear understanding of how healthcare professionals intend to use the intubation hood, how it works, and the steps involved to ensure desired level of protection.


Protect more healthcare professionals by creating instructions that communicate, with great efficiency, the assembly and use of the intubation hood.

project plan and responsibilities overview

Process highlights

The team

Emergency healthcare professionals, university human-centered design professor, graphic designer, and me, human-centered designer


Review the design, conduct interviews, synthesize information, create instructions, and validate with healthcare professionals

My responsibilites

Conduct interviews, synthesize information, create instructions, and, with the graphic designer, develop illustrations

Project plan

The need is urgent - work quickly to begin rapid dissemination of intubation hood and the instructions for assembly and use